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5-String, Bluegrass Style

Banjojam Skypecast

In English - Our next Banjojam Skypecast: Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 11am, Eastern Standard Time

In Spanish - Nuestro Próximo Banjojam Skypecast: Sábado septiembre 3, 2016 mediodía (12:00), Eastern Standard Time

[Before entering the Banjojam Skypecast, please have your banjo tuned correctly!
Try: Get Tuned

Skypecasts are live, moderated conversations allowing up to 100 players to pass the virtual microphone to participants when they wish to share a lick.

Need a live individualized Banjo Lesson?

First Lesson is Free. No Obligation.
Live additional lessons cost $20 per half hour. (PayPal Preferred) Cost includes video download of each lesson's highlights.
Contact Email:

Individualized lessons are available via a 640x480 videoconferencing image with higher frame rates on networks and computers able to handle the increased load of about 40 kb/s upload and download..

Local lessons are available for only $12/half hour in our River Road studio, or $16/half hour in your (Eugene/Springfield, Oregon) home.
We also offer lessons in guitar, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica, flute, hammered dulcimer, and djembe (drum).

Keep Pickin'!